The “Banca del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio Faenza” Foundation is a private, nonprofit institution, which is committed to the development of the human, social, cultural, and economic capital of the city of Faenza and its surrounding territory.
Its mission takes shape through a variety of actions and initiatives – such as grant-making, calls for projects, and in-house projects – within a strategy that covers a few major thematic sectors, namely youth education and training, scientific and technological research, arts and culture, welfare and public health.

The Foundation currently represents the historic and ideal heritage of the “Banca del Monte”, a bank and charitable institution founded in the mid-fifteen century by the Franciscan Beato Bernardino da Feltre.
In the last few years, the “Banca del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio Faenza” Foundation has gradually re-focused its institutional action towards innovation and training of future generations.

A crucial role is played by its own project named Contamination Lab, a startup pre-incubator founded in 2014 and aimed at facilitating the development of the creative and entrepreneurial skills of selected teams of local youths.
Since 2018, through the Contamination Lab, the Foundation has also activated a project of regeneration of a green and agricultural area just outside the city centre, named San Bernardino, aimed at transforming a wide rural space into a social and cultural place rooted in principles of entrepreneurial experimentation, social innovation, and environmental sustainability.